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I drew these in 2011 because I hadn’t drawn anything in a few years and thought that I should, in part because I needed to fill this then-fledgling site and in part because I knew I would be rusty. Be aware that these, like most of my drawings, are drawn freehand without guides.

The Tholos

All that remains of the Tholos of Delphi today are three Corinthian pillars. Originally dedicated to the worship of an Earth Goddess, the temple was eventually supposedly occupied by Olympian deities, especially Athena. The temple, built in the early 4th century BC had an unusual circular shape. This shape and the leaf-adorned capitals of its Corinthian columns are representations of the sacred forest groves of Gaia. Vitruivius Pollio, a 1 Century B.C. Roman writer contends that Theodorus the Phocian was the architect of the structure, although others dispute this.

The Villa Farnese

An extravagant mansion in the town of Capriola, the Villa Farnese took almost a decade and a half to come into being. It consumed the life of its architect, Giacomo Barozzi da Vignola, who worked on it until his death in 1573. The design officially falls into the short-lived “mannerism” style. This fashion was supplanted by the Baroque style after 1580. Today the place is officially the home of the President of the the Italian Republic, but in reality, it is empty and open to the public.

Dutch Reform Church

I have included this modern example because having visited a Dutch Reform church in Texas (whose existence appeared strangely incongruous — not really, considering the local demographic, I soon realized), I was fascinated with the idea of the existence of a similar church in the far-off Zimbabwe of Robert Mugabe.

The Dutch Reform Church in Mutare, Zimbabwe.

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